School visitor sign in

A modern, secure, paperless and effective method for registering visitors to your school.

Gwasanaeth Dysgu Digidol have developed a bilingual digital system to register visitors to your school in a secure, simple and quick process. The system is available as a Progressive Web App, and can be set up on an iPad on a stand in the reception area, or any device which has a browser.




A secure alternative to visitor books. Record the movement of people on site using this modern alternative.

Separate forms can be created for each visitor type. The fields are fully customisable – we will create the forms with the fields you want! We can also amend the terms and conditions as required to ensure that visitors agree to any specific terms and conditions for your school.

A real-time overview of all visitors is available to administrators through the administrative dashboard. The administrative dashboard can be accessed via the Web (access from anywhere). Here visitors can be manually logged in/out by the administrator.



Customisable forms

Different forms for visitor types

Admin dashboard, so you can always see who’s in or not

iPad and Stand

Contactless sign-in using personal smartphone via QR code

Add your logo / colour scheme




Gwynedd Schools : £80.17 + VAT per year*
Other schools : £122.92 + VAT per year*
Contact Gwasanaeth Dysgu Digidol via for further information.
* Cost based on 2022/23 financial year.
There is an additional charge for the custom logo / colour scheme.
Note that additional hardware will be required.